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Flat No.303, Masha Allah Shoping Centre, Block-G, North Nazimabad, Karachi.


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On 17-Mar-2021 Farhan wrote :
Sorry to write this review for Doctor Zahid, but the way he behaved in Saifee hospital for my visit with father who is 89 years old was highly irresponsible and disgusting. I had to take my father to the hospital just for Dr. Zahid to Physically check his chest after a week of his medicine dose was given to my father so he can predict if he has been going towards better. But, even after two corona tests were negative in the last week alone, he never touched him and only looked at his Xray and behaved very non professionally. He should not run his clinic at Saifee if he is so scared of Corona or else should have dressed up professionally with all SOPs to check his patients who are not only paying for the visit but also severely sick to see him giving comfort. Very pathetic overall attitude. will never see such person again.


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