Dr M Afzal Mattu

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International Medical Centre 7th Avenue G-7/4 Islamabad


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Sorry not available

On 12-Jul-2018 Zahoor Ahmad wrote :
Dr Sb my father has some problem like a cardiat issue. When he walks a little his breath is out of control. He has to take rest for sometime to get normal. Please let me know is it a cardiac issue or some ohter problem. Please update your mobile number too so that I may get appointment for my father.
On 23-Nov-2015 Farooq Chaudhry wrote :
I am friend of Dr. Afzal Mattu and want to contact him. Would you please give me his mobile number? My cell # is (703) 969-4297. I live in Washington DC Many Thanks Khuda Hafiz Farooq Chaudhry


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