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Orthopedic Surgeons

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Liaquat National Hospital Karachi
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On 06-Sep-2016 Fahad wrote :
dont ever go to his clinic for pelvic surgery or hip surgery. My father was admitted to his hospital. Earlier their drs said that the issue would be handled thru setting screw in pelvic. but when shah e azam came he told a long time taking surgery will be required in which they will place some plates and screws for which they asked a big amount (around 80k) plus at the last moments they asked for blood. On which when we offered them to take our donors blood but they refused and recommended us to pay them so they will manage the blood. Afterall, The surgery which was performed by khan shah e azam is failed due to his low skills about hip surgery. They charged us for plate and screw but they only inserted screws. we then went to akuh and consulted dr.pervez hashmi. Dr.pervez checked xrays and CT and he marked that operation as a failed operation. According to him it could have better if plate could inserted with screws in pelvic socket. even screws and joint was not adjusted properly. guys, It has happened with my father. Pls pray for my father as we know looking for next operation. also, dont forget to share your experiences here so others can take benefit from this forum.


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