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National Medical Centre, DHA Karachi
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Liaquat National Hospital Karachi
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On 28-Dec-2020 Abdul Razaq wrote :
dr shahid noor
On 17-Jan-2016 salma . FROM USA wrote :
As far as i know dr shahid ,my mother was his patient ,he didnot care the patient but tries to make money by compelling the patientfor surgery.not satisfied at all.
On 23-Nov-2015 Nadeem Khan wrote :
Salam Dr. Shahid Noor. My mother had her left knee surgery twice here in Toronto but no relief yet even after two surgeries. she is in her knee pain since last 3 years and her knee pain is getting worst and worst. She heard a lot about you and about your successful surgeries and wants to contact you to discuss about her two surgeries and severe pain. Not sure how to get a hold of you and what information you needed to review her case. Right now she is in Toronto with me but she is willing to come to Karachi if there is a hope for her to get some relief from her knee pain. Please contact me via below email as soon as you can Please. Thanks Nadeem


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