Prof. Abid Z. Farooqi

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1st Floor Mushtaq Mansion, Fazal-ul-Haq Road Blue Area, Islamabad


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On 12-Oct-2018 adnan khan wrote :
sir my mother is seriously in pain from her knees.i want your appointment on 13/10/2018.thanks
On 24-Feb-2017 Hassan Zaib wrote :
Respected Sir, As you are the most experienced and learned person in this field, so I want to make a proper check of by yourself. I have booked your appointment on 07th June, 2017 as I am in serious trouble so I want my check up by yourself in earlier dates as soon as possible.
On 09-Feb-2017 Naheed wrote :
Respected Sir I need Your appointment for concultation as soon if possible.
On 06-Jan-2017 Wais wrote :
Hello sir I want to have an appointment with Dr.Farooqi sahib please let me know when and where i can have visit with him for my patient
On 05-Jan-2017 Asad ullah khan wrote :
From BANNU waziristan I lIve in dubai please Doctor. .check to day my mother apoiment number 5021 thanks Dr abid farooqi. ....🔬
On 14-Mar-2016 Alamgir wrote :
Salam sir I want dr prof abid z Farooqi oppyantmenmt
On 31-Jan-2016 Waseem Mehmood wrote :
Doctor Sb please provide your consultancy hours here. Thanks
On 10-Jan-2016 muhammad nasir bangash wrote :
i want to give me inforamation about Docter abid Z Farooqi sahb and also send me specific location, i want brief about It. THANK YOU SO MUCH


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