Dr. Allauddin Mian

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Skin Specialists

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Swat skin care and Hair transplant Centre
Wah Cantt skin care and Hair Transplant Centre


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On 09-Sep-2019 Faiza ihsan wrote :
How could I get in touch with you, no contact number mentioned here?
On 18-Jun-2019 Arif shah wrote :
Skin problem at foot
On 07-Sep-2017 Sidra kalsoom wrote :
A soft spoken, competant skin specialist replying all ur queries confidently
On 20-Jul-2016 Ahmed wrote :
A polite n competent skin specialist in the city.
On 15-Jul-2016 Javed wrote :
Superb dermatologist
On 05-Mar-2016 Muhammad Zafran wrote :
i check my face?


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