Dr. Shaheen Iqbal

Doctor's ID : PS-339
Specialty : Orthopedic Surgeons
Phone 03335108537
Mareer Chowk, Murree Road, Rawalpindi
(92 51- 5519759, 5515409)
Email : Sorry not available

On 2020-01-01 Irshad Ahmed wrote :
Dr sb I am feeling pain in my right shoulder and feel difficulty in moving it. I like to get your opinion on it. Please let me know how this can be treated.
On 2019-06-16 Jamil afridi wrote :
How to addmission in your hospital and how much it cost for arthoplasticity of my mothers knees?
On 2018-06-19 Khizar Shahzad wrote :
Please give me a appointment of doctor shaheen
On 2015-06-22 Zahoor Ahmad wrote :
My father-in-Law (at the age of 80 years)was hit by a motorbike and his leg was broken from to places and left arm too. Dr Shaheen carried out his sugary and now he can walk and work with left hand.
On 2014-11-15 Mubashir Ahmed Khawaja wrote :
Dr. Shaheen is not only a competent orthopedic surgeon but also a good man. He charged very nominal fee for surgery of on of my poor relative at Al Ihsan hospital, Mareer Hasan Rawalpindi.


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