Dr. Shazana Naqqash

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Skin Specialists

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22- Ravi Road, P.O.F. Wah Cantt. 


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On 15-Oct-2018 Imran shaukat wrote :
Please dr sahiba my father have skin problem too much so i want to check them
On 17-Aug-2018 Imran Taj wrote :
Aoa Dr sahiba i want to know if u do the treatment PRP for Alopcia areata.
On 03-Nov-2017 Syed Riaz Shahid wrote :
my son have skin issue. pl give me appointment today in evening time today Friday Novemebr 3, 2017.
On 21-Jan-2017 Deya Shah wrote :
I have skin issue I want to check with Dr. Shazana Naqqash. How can I contact to Dr. Shazana Naqqash)
On 25-Jul-2016 Inamurrehman wrote :
Hi Mss can you send your mobile number my wife skin problems in were r in waha cant
On 11-May-2016 safina wrote :
Dr sb I like discuss my personal problem with your self. May I make a call. Please let me know your free time.


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