Dr. Rubina Aman

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1. Pulmonology Deptt, PIMS, Islamabad
2. Islamabad Specialist Clinics, PWD, Islamabad


On 31-Aug-2020 Saima Ali Khan wrote :
No doubt she is a good doctor but her attitude is really unbearable.
On 16-Feb-2020 Mazhar ul Haq wrote :
Dear Mansoor you are right I have also faced her arrogance.
On 22-Oct-2019 Mansoor A. wrote :
I have visited PIMS for my fathers checkup at Pulmonology department. I have requested the staff to get consultancy from Dr. Rubina because she has already checked my father but her staff did not allow me to see her. Fortunately, she came out and I have approached her for my father check up but she is very much arrogant. She did not check up my father and asked me that all of the doctors here are equally good. I have been referred to some young female doctor. That doctor changed medicines of my father but when after some days when I got some reference to Dr. Rubina I have visited her again with my father. When I have shown her the medicine prescribed by some other doctor of her department she responded who has prescribed these medicines these are not as per requirement for my father illness. Therefore, I hereby request higher authorities at PIMS and Ministry of health to check her attitude towards patients.


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