Wah Cantt

Skin Specialists (Dermatologists)

Here we have made available list of some experienced physician or surgeon. When ever call or visit your doctor please mention that you have found him/her on this site.

Dr. Allauddin Mian

Phone :

Address : Swat skin care and Hair transplant Centre

Address2 : Wah Cantt skin care and Hair Transplant Centre

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Dr. Shazana Naqqash

Phone :
Address : 22- Ravi Road, P.O.F. Wah Cantt. 
Email : Not Shown

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Humayun Agha

Skin Specialists

Phone :
Address : 12-A Makki Street Lala Rukh Wah Cantt
Email : Not Shown

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Sameer Abbas On 2019-12-14 wrote for Humayun Agha :
Respected Dr Agha Sb, Please provide your phone number here. I have to get appointment for my wifes skin issues but your phone number is not available here.
Faiza ihsan On 2019-09-09 wrote for Dr. Allauddin Mian :
How could I get in touch with you, no contact number mentioned here?
Arif shah On 2019-06-18 wrote for Dr. Allauddin Mian :
Skin problem at foot
Imran shaukat On 2018-10-15 wrote for Dr. Shazana Naqqash :
Please dr sahiba my father have skin problem too much so i want to check them
Imran Taj On 2018-08-17 wrote for Dr. Shazana Naqqash :
Aoa Dr sahiba i want to know if u do the treatment PRP for Alopcia areata.
Name not Given On 2018-03-04 wrote for Humayun Agha :
Sir apki segues kie hoi madicen sa Mari acne nhi theek hoi.skin a is a ho rahi jiasa burn ho u suges me adoxa bervoxyl arioline n plz help me
Khulda Aamir On 2017-12-15 wrote for Humayun Agha :
How to book an appoinw for tomorrow ?
Syed Riaz Shahid On 2017-11-03 wrote for Dr. Shazana Naqqash :
my son have skin issue. pl give me appointment today in evening time today Friday Novemebr 3, 2017.
Muhammad Jamshaid On 2017-11-03 wrote for Humayun Agha :
I want to check up my daughter. She is in problem of skin (psoriasis). How I can contact you and make an appointment. Thanks
Aisha On 2017-10-27 wrote for Humayun Agha :
Dr. Humayun Agha Sb please apna phone number bhi shamil karian ta keh aap ko check karwane key ley waqat lia ja saky.ap phaly city hospital mea cheaqe kerty thy ab lazer treatment kah kerty han

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