Dr. (lt Col) M. Suhail Amin

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Orthopedic Surgeons

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Associate Professor, Armed Medical College, CMH, Rawalpindi


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On 25-Sep-2020 Nauman wrote :
Aoa Sir my son before 3days drop from bed and after some hours and xray show frecture from shoulder and neck between side .localy docter advice me that give brofeel and after someday this done naturly repaired .sir please advice .i m ready to come cmh if you advice .thanks
On 28-Sep-2017 Ashraf Jami wrote :
Dear Dr, I want to see u in c/w my overstretched,swollen & painful L.H. two fingers (M & R Fingers) with two months history. I have also pain in my right knee.Would u be the right doctor for this purpose? If yes, plz allow me the apptt for today in the evening. Thanks


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