Dr Saeed Akhtar

Doctor's ID : PS-23926
Specialty : Urologists
DAB (Urology)
Phone 0320 4504469
Address : Head Of Department,
Shifa International Hospital,


Email : sakhtar100@hotmail.com

On 2020-02-08 Malik Ahmad wrote :
Dr sb I am facing some pain on back side on lower left side. Please let me know is it a kidney issue or some other problem. I like to get consultency in this regard, please your timing?
On 2019-07-14 Mujtaba Hussain wrote :
Dr Sb I am facing problem that when I urinate after few seconds I feel that there is a drop after that. It hurts me that I feel that I am not pure and cannnot pay my prayers due to this problem. I like to consult you in this regard, Please let me know your timing for consultancy and fee. Regards
On 2018-07-12 azam hassan wrote :
Sir jee my testees are getting enlarge or swelling a bit. Please let me know is it your field or some other specialist should be contacted. Please help me if it is not your case. Please update your consultancy timings at Shifa. Do you check patients somewhere else too?
On 2016-12-20 M.Sajjad Haider wrote :
Sir please give your mobile no


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