Dr. Wajahat Aziz

Doctor's ID : PS-24177
Specialty : Rheumatologist
Phone 0333-5130994
Address : Khayal Plaza (above Islamabad Diagnostic Centre) Near Ali Medical Centre F-8 Markaz, Islamabad


Email : wajahataziz@hotmail.com

On 2019-07-22 Madiha wrote :
plz give ptcl number..Cell number is not responding
On 2018-05-15 malik wrote :
Mobile contact for appointment is not answering. Need ptcl number for appointment.
On 2016-08-03 Waqar ahmad wrote :
number leny ka keya tareqa kar han awr moaina gaf hoga
On 2016-04-21 Waseem Asghar wrote :
Dr. Wajahat Aziz is the best rehmtologist in pakistan..
On 2016-03-09 aysha kundi wrote :
i need information, about a knee procedure where jell injected into the knee. is it done by Dr.wajahat Aziz?


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