Dr. Naeem Ahmed

Doctor's ID : PS-26250
Specialty : Cardiologists
Phone 041-50347
Address : 129, Muslim Town - 1, Sergodha Road, Faisalabad.


Email : Sorry not available

On 2023-02-07 MUHAMMADTALHA786 wrote :
We qanck up plz send ur name
On 2022-02-23 Shahbaz wrote :
Contact with any electrophysiologist like as Dr Asad Ali Saleem Al shifa Islamabad or Dr. Hafiz Abdul manan Lahore.
On 2016-11-16 Rana shahzad Ahmad wrote :
Asalmo alikum My mother Rashida Begum age 74 living in peoples colony 922/B Faisal Abad.She has sugar,Bloed pressure.last time her heart beat is variable some times goes ups and some time goes down.Last control she has 75 t /m 123 but now is 123 continoutly. Please what u can suggest us for her better treatments. To control on heart beats is possible with medicine or better with pace maker.if its need to use pace maker than which type and whar cost and can u also plants s pace maker. Waiting yours response, Rana Shahzad Ahmad


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