Dr. Gul Badshah

Doctor's ID : PS-327
Specialty : Neurologists
Phone 051 5466227-8, 0345 5036036
Address : 152, Street 8, Chaklala- III, Rawalpindi


Email : Sorry not available

On 2023-03-08 Nasir Butt wrote :
Doctor sb my wife have pain in her shoulder. She is facing difficulty in raising her arm above. I like to know the issue. Please let me know your timing for consultation.
On 2017-11-17 javad khan wrote :
For Doctor Gul Badshah Ph. 051 5466227-8 For Appoinmnt . 0345 5036036 pls mention the correct No#
On 2016-04-21 nisar ahmed wrote :
kindly change the tel # mentioned above they are wrong,no such # exsists. its so distracting and exhausting when we seek web help to find some doctor and get nothing but disoppointment


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