Dr. Irfan Ullah Khan Tareen

Doctor's ID : PS-538
Specialty : Skin Specialists
M.B.B.S D,Dermat
Phone 0812824312
Address : F 11 Kabir Building Jinnah Road Quetta


Email : irfantareen@yahoo.com

On 2019-08-24 Zulfiqar ali wrote :
A great dr i have ever seen in my life
On 2018-08-14 Deen Muhammad bazai wrote :
Skin specialist Dr Irfan tareen sab aj apnay set par hoga reply must be
On 2017-06-07 Mohammad Ilyas Khan wrote :
Need the time on 8-6-2017 please
On 2017-04-28 khudairuhem khan wrote :


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